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Invisible Energy

Renewable Energy Sculpture -   The sculpture that optically disappears


This sculpture  for Le Chéile, Dublin, refers to the architecture of the school building.

At the same time, it creates awareness for the strong future potential of natural energies.

The stronger the wind blows the more it becomes invisible through rotation.


The generation of wind energy is usually connected with large scale three winged wind power generators. Some reject them because of aesthetic considerations. We propose and research alternative shapes for wind turbines, that will optically disappear once they rotate fast enough.


Spinning Angel, 2020-21

prototype for invisible energy at 

Le Chéile Secondary School

Hollystown Road, Tyrrelstown, Dublin 15


The blades, spokes and torque tube are made of advanced composite materials including aluminum for weight, reduction, stiffness and longevity.

The sculpture will be made with military grade marine rating material for aggressive environments and recognized as iconic design with strong aerodynamic performance.

The helical swept blades help distribute loads evenly, resulting in minimal vibration.

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