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Rainmaker      or         Tree of Life

The sculpture will combine the shape of the original Watson-Crick model (1953), the molecular structure of the code of life, with cutting edge technology. It will become a rainmaker.

The installation will use a type of solar cell, based on photosynthesis (Chlorophyll) solar cells, mimicking the photosynthesis process in green plants and thermoelectric Peltier elements to make water from the air. With inspiration from the dynamics of nature, I will indicate urgent contemporary issues surrounding ecology and science history. 


The first original Watson-Crick model reminded me in its shape to a tree.

It plays with symbolic concept of the Tree of Life and the Rainmaker at the same time but looking at both from a complete different point of view in the tradition of for example Renee Magritte`s works.

The Tree of Life refers literally to the DNA as the molecular structure of life. The sculpture is a Rainmaker but this word comes with different meanings. The term can be associated with archaic rituals but rainmaker is also used in contemporary business.

No molecule in the history of science has reached the iconic status of the double helix of DNA. Its image has been imprinted on all aspects of society, from science, art, music, cinema, architecture and advertising. This review of the Mona Lisa of science examines the evolution of its form at the hands of both science and art. The elegant shape is often over-used in art. The original Watson-Crick model, however, does not appear as a shape and it is much more visually stunning than the elegant twisted ladder shape that is seen very often.


A literal and metaphorical representation of this specific scientific process and how the sculpture will exemplify creative ways of thinking:

The RainTree exemplifies how solar energy and water enables the potential of life. The tree is the appropriate image to become an iconic visual experience that engages guests while creating an opportunity for inspiration, scientific discovery, and learning.



The title already exposes the double meaning of the project


A rainmaker is an instrument to manipulate the weather or in the United States also a term for 

a person who is highly successful, esp. in business and makes it raining money.

In a society construct ruled by short term profits and no global moral, this double meaning starts to have a strange impact.

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