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                                        PARADISE   poster and performance, 2014


mjingak area Civilian Control Zone (DMZ) & KINTEX, Ilsan-city, 8 Oct 2014,  The Line - DMZ, South Korea / Heyrie, South Korea

2014-10-05 12.31.12.jpg
2014-10-08 14.54.45.jpg

I developed this project as a reaction to a personal invitation for a participation in the international art project THE LINE at the demillitarized zone between North and South Korea.Following an intense research about backgrounds, and the current situation in the DMZ,I found out that since 1953 the 8 mile deep and 163 miles long fenced demarcation zone was not entered by humans. As a result animals, believed to be extinct started to establish there again. I decided for the Paradise object after lots of different possible solutions and experiments, becaus the word describes originally a fenced garden in old Persian language.The chosen images are ambivalent in the context of the DMZ. I use Rubens Fall Of Man and a depiction of the Paradise by Jan Bruegel the junger in combination with the visible landscape at the location of display. The word paradise is cut out of the image and a possibility to watch the other side.

2014-10-05 12.31.05.jpg
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