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Environmental projects

Our interdisciplinary practice addresses the relationship between nature and culture, formulating—often with aesthetic effect—a direct critique of the current climate debate, as well as economic and scientific methods of production. It manifests variously as sculpture, installation, video, collaborative - and site-specific projects. Most projects are referring in a playful way to the complexity of reality. We are interested in the interface between art, science, the visible and the invisible, the material and the immaterial world.

In a number of works we draw attention to the complex relationship between human self-perception and nature. Fascinated by the mechanisms and mysteries of the natural world, we challenge the economic, social, political and biological realities that defy our apparently persistent view of an omnipotent humankind, superior to its surroundings. The wider theoretical context for my work is an interest in post humanism and the Anthropocene epoch. We articulate an ongoing critical concern for our perception of nature and for themes such as ecology and the handling of natural resources in my  World Saving Machine projects, focusing on transformation and awareness production, using technology and scientific methodology.

With inspiration from the dynamics of nature, We make urgent contemporary issues surrounding ecology and history subject of our work. 


for more information please press the image                                          Solar Ice


sound never dies

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Wind- energy- sculptures          Waste and future fossils                        Raintree and Watermaker


Panta Rhei                                   Paradise

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