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A sound installation, the APOCALYPTOR is part of an installation in La Serpara Museum Sculpture Park. It consists of wind Instruments and looks very loud but the messages played inside are only whispered messages about the end of the world.

It refers to the Seven Trumpets in the book of revelation and THE RESURRECTION OF THE FLESH by Luca Signorelli in the close by Cathedral of Orvieto (1499)

The Machine is a sculptural construction exploring the use of fear to reduce our human rights, a powerful instrument of manipulation which will have you asking questions about the world in which we live. It contains a sound installation, whispered quotes of news and also the last interview with George Orwell about his Book 1984. In his installation Sander started to investigate mechanism of manipulation such as creating fear, fake news and felt truth.

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Apocalyptor, 2014 Sound Installation 230 x 153 x 140 cm, audio / brass



It is a reference to: The Resurrection of the Flesh By Luca Signorelli Cappella di San Brizio, Cathedral of Orvieto (circa 1499-1504) 


"The opening of the seventh seal '" (1496-1497) - Albrecht Dürer (1471-1528) Apocalypse

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