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      Panta Rhei      the use of wind-energy to make drinking-water and the art of disappearance

This project explores the possibilities of reimagining the Santa Monica Pier in Los Angeles, USA as an interactive public artwork that generates clean electricity and drinking water. Sander envisaged a proposal for Wind-power-generator design that solves two major critique points of HAWT`s. As energy generation necessarily comes in closer proximity with the real estate that it powers. Issues of aesthetics that drive acceptance are becoming more and more emotionally debated. Wind power generators are seen as: “A sore in the eye” by many. In his research about the art of disappearance he observed the possibility to design objects that become literally invisible through rotation. This could become an application for VAWT design. Two major issues around wind energy generation can be solved or improved the machines will generate less noise and their presence in landscape will be reduced.This wind-power-sculpture becomes temporary invisible trough fast rotation. The design was accepted for the exhibition and publication of the Powering Places: Land Art Generator Initiative after an international, blind peer reviewed competition. The fourth Land Art Generator Initiative design competition. Entrants were challenged to create a piece of civic art that also acts as sustainable and renewable energy infrastructure for the city of Santa Monica, California.

LAGI prosal1.jpg
LAGI Proposal2.jpg
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