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Environmental Art

We articulate an ongoing critical concern for human  perception of nature and for themes such as ecology and the handling of natural resources in our projects, focusing on transformation and awareness production, using technology and scientific methodology

Art in Public

We hope that  our work will add  to the cultural, aesthetic and economic vitality of a community. its identity, pride and a sense of belonging, and that it will enhances the quality of life for its residents and visitors.

Sander & Sander projects

We make public sculptures at the same time we negotiate environmentalism and climate change – but without attempts to moralise. Instead we combine research and a provocative sense of humour. At the same time it explores the use of public realm in the arts. WSM is a series of objects, projects and publications on the interface between fiction, narration, vision and reality. The World Saving Machine project is designed to incorporate science, technology and sustainability into visual art. These dialogues are very much part of the work. The World Saving Machine started as a device to transform solar energy into ice or to transform CO2.

It is transformation of energy – literally, as well as (on a larger scale) metaphorically.

We also explored and developed a number of new strategies for public art, such as invisible sculpture or how an artwork will look like made after popular vote. 

Photo: Water is rising, Performance in NI

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