John Hannigan links environmental sociology and contemporary postmodernism in “Social Constructionism”. He mentions that postmodernism is taken to mean a growing lack of faith in science, combined with use of the media for political purposes. Our generation is left with more doubt than answers. A flood of information is used to manipulate thoughts. Environmental questions are complex and the solution is in a radical change of the Social Construction. 

Art can play a crucial role in building consciousness, challenging given reality and building new concepts.

In the wake of postmodern discourse, especially in the view of theorists, like Jean François Lyotard or Jacques Derrida, a deconstruction of the master narratives of modernism can be observed (e.g., progress, reason, art).

Today, we are left with a relative concept of truth in the shape of a post-ironic state and we need to take a critical look at its implications. “The contemporary omnipresence of a scientific world view could re-connect the Western society with nature.  A collaboration of art and science could provide a new culture in a new alliance. This combination could enable society to gain better ways to understand and act upon contemporary issues. 

a investigation in methods of contemporary manpulation through media

I created works inspired by one main theme, fear in our times. From climate-change to terrorist attacks, global warming, pandemics , the future and financial crisis, all types of fears were tackled by the various artists who used their work to mirror the main issues of the frightening times we are living in. Few react on mechanism behind information politics.




The title already exposes the double meaning of the project


A rainmaker is an instrument to manipulate the weather or in the United States also a term for 

a person who is highly successful, esp. in business and makes it raining money.

In a society construct ruled by short term profits and no global moral, this double meaning starts to have a strange impact.

Tidal Sculpture
A project and investigation into potentials of the tides for kinetic art

Tidal Wings is a proposal for a sculpture that combines cutting edge design and technology with an ancient knowledge of the Earth's natural rhythms.

It is a beacon for a sustainable future; reconnecting people with natural rhythm of the Sea and the Moon. 

I use water as a subject and a territory for my research about alternative forms of communication and understanding of sculpture.

Water is a social and cultural issue. Presence and absence of water shaped cultures and their arts.  

A series of windpowered sculpture, that produce energy


My work is characterized by a profound fascination with and passion for the laws and principles of physics and mathematics, for technology and history.My sculptures contravene ideas about how machines function and interact with the natural environment.  They oscillate across art science, nature, the machine and the human body. He works with industrial remains combined with my own creations.